Jumped the Shark? News! Lava Lounge Opens at Rainforest Café in Disney World’s Downtown Disney, June 27, 2013

“After a lengthy renovation [Editorial note: Putting on my tinfoil hat, I couldn’t help but notice that Disney’s ‘renovation’ of the Rainforest Cafe came hot on the heels of Chris Schlesinger selling off the East Coast Grill to his former employees, which, by a sheer coincidence entirely in Disney’s favor, would have had the effect of muddying the legal waters, thus greatly diminishing any chances for delicious courtroom drama of the sort made famous by fellow Floridian, Judge Judith Sheindlin, or indeed for any future litigation whatsoever regarding intellectual property rights to the Lava Lounge, its Volcano, (which, in yet another questionable coincidence, had also just so happened to become “geologically active” — what are the odds?) and / or, the Flaming Pupu Platter, cocktails served in cored pineapples, etc.], the Lava Lounge recently opened in the Rainforest Café in Disney World! Of course, your crew will have to be somewhat adventurous as you’ll hear the volcanic ‘eruptions’ that take place each evening. Recent exterior renovations added an erupting volcano that puts on a mighty display in sync with a light and sound show. Don’t be surprised if your kids ask to dine here while wandering Downtown Disney! And without a reservation, you now know to head to the Lava Lounge!”

[And another Editorial note: No reservations taken? Erupting volcano in sync with a light and sound show? File it under, “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery,” because this hot-off-the-Xerox Lava Lounge, hosted at the apparently flagship Walt Disney World Rainforest Cafe, and featuring a copycat I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Lava, goodness-gracious-a-great-ball-of-fire-just-singed-my-daughters-eyesbrows-off volcanic eruption, has already jumped the shark. In fact, they have leapt way beyond the farthest point a shark is probably (I wouldn’t test them though!) even capable of jumping to — I would assess their jumping of the shark to be roughly equivalent to the Vice President’s response, that one time George W. Bush got caught on a hot mic calling some journalist a major asshole Dick Cheney agreed, “Big time.”]

-Excerpt and images courtesy of The Disney Food Blog, “News! Lava Lounge Opens at Rainforest Café in Disney World’s Downtown Disney,” by Kim, June 27, 2013

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