True Love with a Purple Neon Glow, by Ron Della Chiesa, 2012

"[It was a] Friday night [at the Turtle Café,] and the place was booming. A bar full of boisterous patrons, a jam-packed dining room, and Dave already off and getting set up to play his set. A cutting edge restaurant (which became the East Coast Grill), the Turtle featured contemporary regional cuisine, changing its menu every three or four days not only for variety but to continually showcase whatever was in season, a relatively new concept for its time. On weekends they'd feature jazz greats: Teddy Wilson, Scott Hamilton, Sammy Price, and Gray Sargent, a guitarist who these days works with Tony Bennett. I quickly learned it was a great place to hang out and meet these legends, since they'd usually come in to eat before their gig."

In Boston, No-Nonsense With Style, by Molly O’Neill, Nov. 1, 1989

"East Coast Grill is a neon-lighted storefront full of cowboy music and the perfume of the hickory fire that turns out excellent barbecued ribs and chicken. This is the headquarters for good times and good eating in Cambridge."