Cooking: Rubbing You Right, by Kristen Bisson, July 19, 1995

“From the same flavorful fountain of success that brought us The Blue Room, East Coast Grill, Jake and Earl’s Barbecue, Inner Beauty Hot Sauces and several cookbook collaborations now comes Inner Beauty Spice Rubs.

Like other Inner Beauty products, the new dry-spice line more than lives up to its flashy packaging. Inner Beauty guru Chris Schlesinger has demonstrated an entrepreneurial eye to match his daring palate.

Introducing his new rubs, Schlesinger explains, ‘As the pit masters of my youth knew well, there is no quicker or easier way to add big flavor to a simple food than by coating it with a carefully balanced mixture of spices.’

Less than profound advice, perhaps, but anyone who has tried dry-rub at home knows how wrong simple barbecue can go.

America’s contribution to world cuisine, barbecue needs innovations — especially ones that rein in the agonizing process of preparing such treats as ribs and spit-roasted birds.

But the new Inner Beauty line — consisting of Southeast Asian, West Indies from Hell, Jake & Earl’s American BBQ, Latin, Indian and Mediterranean varieties — works just as well with such unrubbables as hamburger, scrambled eggs, rice and pasta dishes.

The spices themselves are currently offered at gourmet stores in Cambridge and Boston, and recipes are available via Inner Beauty, Inc., 1271 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 547-1274.”

Magazine: Tour Guide

“Although the internet has been in existence for years, the general public is just now beginning to familiarize itself with that vast cybernetic wasteland of information.

Online services America Online, Prodigy and Compuserve provide access to the internet (and World Wide Web) in an aesthetic and entertaining format.

However, navigating oneself through this mysterious frontier of graphical interface can be a frustrating experience.

Fear not cybersmiths, the burgeoning success of electronic communication has created a market sufficient enough to spawn a battery of parasite publications (more politely known as ‘guides’) to help neophytes better understand the net.

Now in its second issue, The Net is a virtual catalogue of information offering advice, news, web sites, books and everything else affiliated with online communication.

Equipped with keen graphics, creative artwork and informative editorial. The Net is entertaining but sometimes too busy for the reader to focus on any one particular item.

Despite this shortcoming, it is worth its cover price ($4.95) at least once. For subscriber information call (800) 706-9500.”

-Excerpt and images courtesy of Boston Public Library, The Improper Bostonian, “Cooking: Rubbing You Right,” by Kristen Bisson, July 19, 1995

The New Pony Express, photography by Kevin Morrill, July 5, 1995

-Excerpt and images courtesy of Boston Public Library, The Improper Bostonian, “The New Pony Express,” photography by Kevin Morrill, July 5, 1995

Bring Your Jammies, by Peter McNamara, June 21, 1995

“The ultimate slumber party is the overnight pig roast presided over by that Thrill of the Grill guy himself, Chris Schlesinger at the East Coast Grill. It’s actually a class in the fine points of barbecuing, and includes overnight accommodations plus a picnic. Scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 8 and 9, the cost is $95 per person. Reservations are essential, and the class is limited to 15 people. For the less adventurous, ECG is offering Beer Fest I on Tuesday, June 27, featuring all the Maryland Blue Crab you can eat plus four local micro-brewed beers. The cost for this event is $40 per person, including bib and hammer. Call (617) 494-9034 for reservations. E-mail your address to to receive their newsletter on-line.”

-Excerpt and images courtesy of Boston Public Library, The Improper Bostonian, “Bring Your Jammies” by Peter McNamara, June 21, 1995

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