The Moveable Feast: To Hell and Back, by Evan F. Mallett, July 19, 1995

"The fact is, East Coast Grill has taken barbecue to a scientific level — without giving up the soul that makes soul food so soulful… ”

Cooking: Rubbing You Right, by Kristen Bisson, July 19, 1995

"From the same flavorful fountain of success that brought us The Blue Room, East Coast Grill, Jake and Earl’s Barbecue, Inner Beauty Hot Sauces and several cookbook collaborations now comes Inner Beauty Spice Rubs."

Great American Barbecue, by the Ladies Home Journal, July 1990

"Chris Schlesinger, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, opened East Coast Grill, in Cambridge, in 1985. Originally from Virginia, Schlesinger considered his mission to spread the word to the Northeast about the difference between grilling foods and barbecuing. He spent a year sampling barbecue from Mississippi, Texas and the Carolinas before opening Jake and Earl's Dixie B-B-Q, also in Cambridge, in 1987. His new book is, 'The Thrill of the Grill'."

A Virginian’s Boston Barbecue, by Marian Burros, Oct. 5, 1988

"Those who visit Jake and Earl's might ask where the name comes from. Mr. Schlesinger wanted to call it Jake's Dixie Barbecue because 'Jake is what older people in the South call young boys and it's my dog's name.' Ms. Wheaton wanted to name it for her father, Earl, a surgeon in New Jersey. They compromised."