Wall-to-wall renovation of an iconic Inman Square landmark restaurant, by Bailey Davol Studio Build, circa 2017

"East Coast Grill, Cambridge, MA — Wall-to-wall renovation of this iconic Inman Square landmark restaurant. A fresh look for new owners and a new era of authentic dining experiences."

Jumped the Shark? News! Lava Lounge Opens at Rainforest Café in Disney World’s Downtown Disney, June 27, 2013

"After a lengthy renovation, the Lava Lounge recently opened in the Rainforest Café in Disney World! Of course, your crew will have to be somewhat adventurous as you’ll hear the volcanic 'eruptions' that take place each evening. Recent exterior renovations added an erupting volcano that puts on a mighty display in sync with a light and sound show. Don’t be surprised if your kids ask to dine here while wandering Downtown Disney! And without a reservation, you now know to head to the Lava Lounge!"

A Matter of Taste: A Short, Savvy Menu with Lots of Style, by Robert Levey, Oct. 3, 1985

"The restaurant opened just five weeks ago in the former location of the Turtle Cafe. Owners Chris Schlesinger and Cary Wheaton spiffed up the interior with lots of light green high gloss paint and hints of Deco design in the lighting scheme. The open grilling station that is in full view at the back of the restaurant contributes some enjoyable steamy atmosphere."

At Home with Ron and Joyce Della Chiesa, by Brenda Marchand, July 26, 2001

"Self-described 'foodies' who often hang out with noted chefs, the couple met, not surprisingly, in a restaurant. They married in 1986."

Chef of the Month: Joyce Della Chiesa – Chef / Caterer, by Marge Chryssostomidis and Peter McNamara, November 25, 1992

"Where do jazz greats eat when they come to Boston? The answer can be found at the Della Chiesa residence in Boston's South End, where Joyce Della Chiesa's guests have included Dave McKenna, Dick Johnson, Dizzie Gillespie, Stan Getz and Tony Bennett to name but a few."